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Random Acts of Canadiana Staff Page

Let’s spread some Canadiana!

Please fill out all out all of the questions to best of your ability, so we can get this right!

  • Once you send in your nomination form, the RAC committee will review the entries.
  • You can view the criteria the committee will be looking for below.
  • Once approved, whomever you choose to be the “stakeholder” in this event will be in contact with Meaghan and begin the planning process.
  • Please keep in mind not EVERY nomination will be approved, realistically we can’t send every customer we nominate home with gift cards and airline tickets (just examples) but we’re going to do our best to accommodate everyone.

Nomination Criteria

Here’s how were choosing our acts:

• You filled out the correct form with as much detail as possible.

• The act has enough time to be planned and executed (please don’t send in something you want to happen tomorrow.)

• The act is plausible

• We have the resources to pull it off, we want to make an impact!


Staff RAC

  • Why are you nominating them? What would you like to do for a Random Act of Canadiana?