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Introducing, New $5 Drink Specials

September 13, 2021

Meet our new favourite sips–Lift Tickets and Chair Lifts!


Now available in our Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge, and Saskatoon pubs, you don’t have to hit the slopes to slurp one of these down! Lift Tickets are 1 oz. flavour bombs created and named by our bartenders. Want to try more than one? Order 3 Lift Tickets and you’ve got yourself a Chair Lift! Choose from 6 different kinds of Lift Tickets and get any 3 to create a Chair Lift. 


Plus, on Fridays Lift Tickets are only $5 each and Chair Lifts are $15 each. In case you can’t make it on Fridays, Skyy Lifts–different flavours of the Bloob Lift Tickets made with Skyy Vodka–are only $5 on Saturdays! 


Suzuki Slurps: Soho / Cherry Whiskey / 7UP / Pineapple Juice


Orange Cosmo: Orange Vodka / Triple Sec / Cranberry / Orange


Bloob: Blueberry Vodka / Lime Juice / Soda


Listen Linda: Banana Liquor / Hypnotiq / 7UP / Strawberry Puree


Rhubard Crumble: Butterscotch / Vanilla Vodka / Gingerale / Rhubarb Syrup


S’more Shaft: Creme de Cacao / Forty Creek Nanaimo Bar Cream / Cold Brew Coffee


Which one are you trying first? Book your table today!

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