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Hot AF Mini Blog Week 4

Hot Sauce, Why Do We Love it?

Let’s face it; Canada thought ketchup was the best condiment until about a few years ago! The last few years, spicy foods and especially hot sauces have become so prominent in modern day cooking/ food consumption because we’re becoming so diverse. We all know Canada is so multicultural, so we have a butt load of different types of hot sauces that have come from many different countries. For example, Sriracha drifted in from China, Cholula flew in from Mexico, Buffalo sauce coming from our basement neighbours, etc. We are so privileged to live in a country full of different cultures and spices, no matter how spicy or mild they may be.

This year’s Hot AF sauce the same as last year’s, being Sam’s Private Reserve, but the Death Wing sauce… you’re all probably wondering what sauce is being held in that skull dabber! It’s called the Death Wing Ext. I don’t think we could even call it a sauce, to be quite honest. It’s an extract that we dab onto the Death Wing for those that have decided to take on the challenge. Each drop contains about 2 million scovilles, and we drop about 2-3 dabs. Death Wing Ext. is another condensed concoction from our lovely mastermind Sam. If you’re looking for some more hot sauces that might even be spicier than the Death Wing Ext. or Sam’s Private Reserve, than go to our friends at Hungry Volcano at

We have one more challenge day left next week on Wednesday, March 11th from 7pm-10pm at all Hudsons locations! See you next week.